Events and videos that make you shine
as an employer and help you attract
and engage employees.

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About Pink Piñata

What happens when you hit a piñata?
Right, you get a big surprise and an even bigger smile.

That’s exactly what we shoot for with our events, videos and podcasts.
To make you shine as an employer and help you attract and engage employees.
So go ahead, hit us with your biggest request.

You’re in for a treat!

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Some of our cases

ORMIT – A day in the life

Recruiting – What does an ORMIT trainee do in Supply Chain at ArcelorMittal? We gave Nele a GoPro camera to show us. The result? Life of a trainee seen through her eyes. No words but spontaneous and authentic footage.

ING – Jumpon!

Awareness – What’s the future of work? How about climate change? Human vs tech? A series of short pop vox street interviews with students. Video content on to help promote ING as employer to young professionals.

Delhaize – (Assistant) Store Manager Soirée

Recruiting – Is running a store up your alley? That was for you to find out during an exclusive soirée. With a panel talk hosted by Christophe Deborsu, a cook-off with Sophie Dumont and speed dating with HR and store managers.

Logi-technic – 20th Anniversary

Anniversary – Happy birthday Logi-technic! And of course, happy birthday to all employees and their families. That called for a big festive evening on a big beautiful boat. Our theme for the night: a touch of green.

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