Event Production

Launching a new strategy or culture? Ready to stand out of the crowd in the war for talent? Get everyone on board with a Pink Piñata bang. That means with big enthusiasm, impact and a personal touch. Get inspired by our cases below and hit us with your special request.

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Some of our events

water-link – The power of water

Employee engagement – Launching the dream and strategy of water-link with all employees. Clear in every way. With inspiring workshops that brought everyone closer together.

Delhaize – (Assistant) Store Manager Soirée

Recruiting – Is running a store up your alley? That was for you to find out during an exclusive soirée. With a panel talk hosted by Christophe Deborsu, a cook-off with Sophie Dumont and speed dating with HR and store managers.

Skeyes- Horizon 2020

Employee engagement – A clear view of the future – by Belgocontrol (now skeyes). 800 employees experienced the company’s new vision and strategy across 7 connected domes. With engaging videos, VR, campfire stories, games, podcasts and more.

Logi-technic – 20th Anniversary

Anniversary – Happy birthday Logi-technic! And of course, happy birthday to all employees and their families. That called for a big festive evening on a big beautiful boat. Our theme for the night: a touch of green.