Video Production

Inspiring employee stories. A video that captures the true heart of you as an employer. Social media clips that tease and attract the right candidates. We script, shoot and produce the Pink Piñata way. Authentic and surprising, in sound and vision. Take a peek at the stories below. But above all, tell us yours.

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Some of our video productions

DB&S – Talent day

Employer brand videos – DB&S is pure magic. But that doesn’t make it a circus. Or does it? Find out in this fun employer brand video. Shot with DB&S talents.

SPIE – Top employer

Awareness – 13 is a lucky number for SPIE. In 2019, they were elected Top Employer for the 13th time. So we asked their employees to give us 13 reasons to choose SPIE as an employer. Congrats! 

Trilations – not your average consulting

Awareness –  What makes Trilations not your average consultants? That’s easy. They roll up their sleeves, loosen their flamingo tie and take on every challenge. Even if it means getting out there on the pitch.

Philip Morris International – INKOMPASS 2019

Aftermovie – How PMI selected the 24 best candidates during a two-day selection event? We can tell you or we can show you. In an aftermovie that shows the challenges, the fun and the experiences they will remember for the rest of their careers.

Schweppes Suntory Benelux – Join the wave

Ambassador videos – Taste the vibe and join the wave. Get up close and personal with the people of Schweppes Suntory Benelux. Videos full of great taste and pleasure where you meet their various departments and work environments.

ING – Jumpon!

Awareness – What’s the future of work? How about climate change? Human vs tech? A series of short pop vox street interviews with students. Video content on to help promote ING as employer to young professionals.